Why Simple Pop Music is so Popular

Why Simple Pop Music is so Popular

If you are someone who listens to popular music on a regular basis, you probably already know something rather interesting about it. The music just seems to sound the same and it doesn’t really matter what song you are listening to, it will likely have some familiar aspects to it. This is not only something that music lovers are recognizing, it is also something that is backed by scientific research. In fact, it may be even more of a real phenomenon than most of us realized.

According to a recent study that took a closer look at some 500,000 different albums, there is something about the simplicity of music that really causes it to sell. It seems as if the music really gets more basic and formulaic when it becomes popular. This can show why there may be a number of popular songs in the top 10 from a single artist and they sound more alike than they do differently. In fact, songs that sound almost identical from among some of the more popular artists are nothing new and we have been seeing this key to success show up time and time again when the top charts are released.

According to the study, music that was simple and even similar to something that was already popular was more likely to be popular as well. In fact, it seemed that the artists that had fewer skills were more likely to be at the top of the charts than those who were always trying something new and unique. Of course, as the music begins to get simple, there are fewer variations in what can be done with it and that is another reason why some artists may show up at the top of the list more frequently.

Now that the secret is out, more and more studies will be done by record labels to determine what it is that makes a simple song popular. If they are able to predict the pattern, they are also more likely to have a breakout song that sticks to the top of the charts. In other words, they will make more money in the process. Although there may be other factors that cause a song to be popular, you really can’t overlook the possibility that it is all about simplicity. Regardless of why it is, we do tend to love it.

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